_name=TereasaUmbrellaMy life is a bit of a Cinderella story. And, I’m going to do a bit of an overshare and tell you that I was born into a very impoverished family. We were at times, homeless.

From a very early age I was incredibly fascinated by houses. I think my fascination was linked to a belief in what they represented. Home. Belonging. Security. I just loved the idea that four walls would keep me cozy, safe and content. I remember driving around neighbourhoods with my Aunty & Uncle and looking at houses; old character houses, bungalows, ranchers and what I called matchbox houses. I recall my excitement when they built their first split 70’s level in a charming cul-de-sac near the Pentiction airport. White with black shutters. I thought it was a palace.

So maybe I was meant to be a princess…or maybe an architect. I certainly drew enough houses. In fact, when I was 12 I drew the details of a house that almost 20 years later I would have the good fortune to build. That house is still in our family. The Beach House…no shutters.

Over the course of my life I have managed to buy and sell numerous properties, from single family detached to duplexes and condos. I have scoped new areas, developed, built, flipped and held. I have done very well and honestly, I have learned a few tough lessons. And, through this, my experiences with REALTORS® have ranged from adequate to not so much.

The thing is that my skills are transferrable to this REALTOR® gig. And, I really like people. It is inevitable that I find myself here in Vancouver helping cients navigate the complexities of our market. Providing valued clients with the resources and confidence to realize their unique visions of HOME really is my happy ending.

But, rather than Cinderella, maybe you could think of me as your Fairy Godmother of real estate…and we can all use a good Fairy Godmother, right?